Sisters together, we are FlatterWear.US

The two of us would like to thank you
avatarishfor your interest in our work.

Mostly because we’re works in progress ourselves:
under construction while we’re in production.

such is life, right?

While we fill our inventory,
we’re happy to share our new/old style with you here.
Despite the fact that we’re both camera shy,
we’re excited to show you what we’re coming up
with during the process of development.

Hint: If you look close,
you may catch a glimpse of us laughing our heads/butts off.

We can’t wait any longer, so, quirky or jerky,
please bear with us as we have fun together.


   noun | flat·ter·ware \ˈfla-tər-wer\: vintage forks, spoons and knives customized as jewelry. Flatware to wear.
   verb | flat·ter·ware \ˈfla-tər-wer\: the act of wearing heirloom flatware in a way to be admired and respected. Flattering.


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